Please note that the tennis "bubble" is an air structure that relies on a constant flow of air to keep the structure inflated. It is well ventilated and while we call it "indoor" tennis, as an air dome, it is not an "indoor" environment.


Hello Yellow Dog Tennis Pack Members!

I hope that this update finds you and your family well.

It has been a very hot July/August and Crewser and I are very much looking forward to cooler temps AND indoor tennis! Despite all of last year's challenges, we were thankful that our programming continued without any interruptions and the Junior players were able to leave the distractions behind once they stepped on the courts.

Both myself and my fellow coaches were pleased to see the level of enthusiasm the players exhibited and we were equally happy to lend to them some sense of normalcy and comradery during the school year. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Yellow Dog Tennis "Welcome!".  

Our season will begin this year on November 1st.

We offer a very special brand of tennis instruction and it begins with our terrific and completely engaged staff. Our knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm for teaching tennis is unmatched in the metro area. We specialize in teaching the entire game (not just forehands and backhands) and we do it utilizing very unique drills and incredibly fun games.  In a nutshell, whether your junior player is just starting out in tennis or is already on his/her high school team they will see tremendous improvement with us and will have a great time in the process!

If you have any concerns or questions, please email me at


Coach Paul and the Yellow Dog Tennis Team