Ladies Winter Clinics

Ladies Team Prep for Doubles Play
Clinic Focus:  Demonstrating how a doubles team works together to set up, play and finish a point.
Emphasis:  Learning how to run plays as a team as opposed to playing individually.
Levels: Intermediate to Advanced.

Traditional Ladies Doubles Clinic
Clinic Focus:  Learning tactical doubles play and a solid foundation for point construction.
Emphasis: Development of fundamentally sound stroke mechanics. Having good mechanics increases consistency which is the foundation of any player's game.
Levels: Beginner to Advanced.

Please Let Us Know:
All clinics will be run on weekdays, Monday through Thursdays between the hours of 9-2pm. Specific days and times will be assigned based on the number of registrants for each ability level. If there are specific days/times that you CANNOT possibly attend, please indicate in the comments section of the page.

Additional Info:
Ladies Clinics exclusively with Paul will run with 4 registrants on 1 court.
Tentative Dates: November 2, 2020 through March 18, 2021
Make Up week: March 22--25, 2021
Holidays: Nov 26, 2020; Dec 21, 2020 - Jan 3, 2021

Court Fees:       $202.50 Payable to Renaissance Tennis Club
InstructionFee: $709      Payable to Paul Bress